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Why You Need To Choose AfroLingo

Africa is the most diverse continent on the planet and AfroLingo can help you speak to everyone. More than simply translation services, AfroLingo can help you adapt your message to amazing and diverse culture of this great land.


Every single word & page of your document, every line of your software will be designed to fit your new markets. Make your new customers think that your programs were designed next door.

Desktop Publishing

The world of desktop publishing ranges from a mother creating a flyer for her child’s bake sale to what we do full color, multi-page documents designed for offset printing/ online distribution.

Mobile Localization

Your application needs to speak to the right person. The experts at AfroLingo can make your apps local to every user’s life and culture. Fast localization will help you get in the market ASAP.

Software Localization

In a world with 7 billion people and thousands of languages, the only way to get your software into more hands is to make it understood by more people. Software localization does just that.

Website Localization

Everyone is more comfortable speaking and living in their own language, no matter how proficient they are in another language. This is what our professional team do


Our transcription services are state of the art. We can take any record and convert it to a perfectly translated document that will make distribution easier.


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AfroLingo is a Translation Service Company in Kenya

We Provide Translation and Interpretation Services with The Most Professional and Native Linguists in Kenya

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