For the technology and telecom industry, there is an inherent complexity that can be difficult to explain to customers and partners, even in one’s native language. Conveying this information in another language or even getting a translator that can understand the nuances can be nearly impossible.

Telecommunication Translation ServicesAfro Lingo for Telecommunication Translation

To overcome this problem for our clients, AfroLingo employs translators who have experience in the technology and telecom industry. Not only our translators are native speakers, but they also understand the subtleties and jargon of the telecom and technology sector.

For the industry, what seems simple to the end user, picking up a telephone and making a call or turning on a computer, is a complex process requires thousands of components and “moving parts”. A translator needs to be able to do more than simply translate words; they need to have an understanding of the concepts to ensure that these complexities are conveyed correctly.

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