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Superior translation agency in Kenya

Translation might seem simple. After all, your computer can do it, except no machine can understand the subtleties that a great human translator offers. At AfroLingo, we have gathered the most experienced and qualified translators on the African continent.

AfroLingo also works with over 100 companies worldwide, providing them with subcontracted translation services. These Multi-Language Vendors know that AfroLingo can provide them with reliable and consistent translation and interpretation services.

Translation Services We ProvideOur Top Ranked Translators

Our translators are native speakers who can help you translate to and from nearly every major language on the African continent. Whether the translation is verbal or written, we can provide the services you need. Live translation, video/audio transcription, and much more is available from a world-leading translation service company, AfroLingo.

Travel Documents

Your travel documents can be the key to your freedom or enjoyment of a journey to a country or region. We are able to provide you with detailed and perfectly translated travel document that will ensure that all goes well.

Financial Translation

Financial documents can be among the most difficult to translate as the language and terminology is very specific. Our team of translators is experienced with documents ranging from simple registers to annual reports.

Medical Translation

The medical industry has its own jargon and language, often mixing the native language with Latin and other languages. Impeccable translation of medical documents and records is imperative. A mistranslation of a patient’s record can lead to illness and even death. The team at AfroLingo includes medically-trained professionals who can make sure that every word is perfectly translated.

Our Top Ranked Translators

AfroLingo has hand-selected a team of translators based on their skills and their experiences. We are able to provide translation services that are detailed and flawless. Whether your translation is highly technical or more pedestrian, we can offer you the right experience and skills.