Engineering translation is a very specific skill set that not every translator has. Like the medical industry and others highly specialized industries, engineering has its own language.

Translating engineering documents and technical documents requires an understanding of the nuances of the language and terminology used in these types of documents.
From product design to large-scale civil engineering projects, all engineering projects require a specific set of skills and talents.

Our translation services are provided by experienced translators trained to handle the needs of the engineering industry, from mechanical to software engineering.
Civil engineering translation services require an understanding of the terminologies and techniques used. A simple mistranslation is more than an inconvenience; it can be dangerous, even deadly.

Engineering Translation Services

The AfroLingo engineering translation team is experienced in civil engineering and translation, making them the ideal partners to ensure that your civil engineering products are perfect.Engineering Translation
Everyone has purchased electronic equipment where instructions or descriptive materials are poorly written, with AfroLingo, that embarrassment and inconvenience won’t happen.

The proper translation of electronic systems and product documents is handled by experienced translators who understand the specific words and concepts of electrical engineering.
As with other types of engineering, mechanical engineering has it’s own language. It’s imperative that an engineering translation services understands these terms and can move them from one language to another.
Our team of translators is drawn from all over Africa, all over the world. When there is an engineering translation project, we are able to tap into a deep bench of engineers and engineering translators that understand what is being said and know how to say it well in several languages.

In some cases, a simple error in translation can be life or death, AfroLingo has the experience and expertise to avoid this.