Your application needs to speak to the right person. The experts at AfroLingo can make your apps local to every user’s life and culture. Fast localization will help you get into the market ASAP.

localization testing for mobile applications in Johannesburg

Mobile localization, the technique of translating your mobile app, is the only way to guarantee that your hard work can be seen by as many people as possible. Don’t trust a machine or a non-professional translator; the words that are on the screen are what your app will be judged by.

Mobile Localization Services We Provide

The team at AfroLingo provides the most experienced translation and localization available. The conservative estimate is that there are 1500 languages on the African continent. While AfroLingo does not translate them all, our team of translators can get you in perfect linguistic contact with millions of potential customers.

Mobile Apps Localization Challenges

Translation of your mobile app can be difficult. Overcoming the challenges to localization requires experience and training.localization testing for mobile applications

First Challenge
Every language has its own jargon and lingo. Very often, apps use this type of local speech to make the user feel more at home. Doing this well requires a lot of experience, as well as lifetime in the culture being translated to.

Second Challenge
Being able to choose which languages to translate requires an understanding of more than sheer numbers. It requires an understanding of the culture. AfroLingo’s team is able to provide mobile localization by understanding the culture and the words.

Our Top Ranked Team

Our team at AfroLingo has been doing mobile localization since before there was the phrase “mobile localization”. They have been helping technology developers to get their products in the right hands with the right words for decades.