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How is MTPE Changing the Way You Outsource Translation

How is MTPE Changing the Way You Outsource Translation?

What is Machine Translation Post Editing MTPE??


A question whose answer requires the answer to another question: What is Machine Translation MT in the first place? But it’s a long story that needs to be significantly shortened!


Call it Machine Translation, TM, Automatic Translation, Automated Translation, or even Instant Translation. In any case, Machine Translation, whose earliest demonstration took place in 1954, is the translation of source textual content by a computer, with zero human involvement. You produce volume ─ relatively at the expense of quality!


So, what is MTPE?


It’s a mix, but not any mix! It’s a wonderful solution whereby human translators get involved to edit the rough content translated by machines. In other words, Man is stepping forward to refine the output of Machine and is taking responsibility for the final quality!


With this, Machine Translation Post Editing has developed to become more accurate than machine translation ─ and less costly and time-consuming than human translation. This way, MTPE is now regarded as the perfect choice for the clients who want to translate a big chunk of content with a fast turnaround time, at a fair price, and, most importantly, with no compromise on quality.


But we still need to ask: What are the benefits of MTPE?


What are the Advantages of MTPE?

It’s time now to see the glass half full and ask how businesses can benefit from machine translation post-editing MTPE. Let’s dive deeper.


1-Volume Matters!

Yes, it often happens. In today’s world, businesses frequently find themselves in need of having large amounts of text translated with average, run-of-the-mill quality. And, here comes the thrilling role of MTPE! It can produce a larger volume of content in less time and & high quality 


2-Cost Savings Are Similarly Important!

Time is money, isn’t it? Therefore, translation by human linguists normally costs a lot more than machine translation, with the latter taking more time. So, by using MTPE, you can effectively and professionally manage the costs of your translation project.  To be more precise, MTPE’s normal prices are typically around 50% lower than the rates of the traditional translation model.


Furthermore, the time spent by linguists on the editing of the machine-translated content, and consequently the project’s overall costs, depends on the specifics of each project ─ that is on such factors as the client’s target audience, quality demands, and style. Therefore, human editors can always customize their effort ─ doing light or deep editing ─ based upon the requirements of each customer, and each translation project.


3-Quicker translation

With MTPE, the process will deliver your project 3 times quicker than the traditional process of human translation. This simply means faster turnaround time than straight human translation. Still, want an example? Take this.  


If we estimate that a professional human translator can create an average of 2000 words of translated content a day, she can produce from 7000 to 9000 words per day ─ simply because she would be editing what is already translated by the machine.


4-Quality Too!

Also, we can talk about a level of quality savings in the translations conducted by the use of MTPE. Significantly, the MTPE’s level of quality is based on the machine translation’s engine. Therefore, translation quality becomes high if the content falls within a specific domain.


5-A La Mode!

If we say, with authority, that translation has always been transforming the models of human communication, it goes without saying, accordingly, that MTPE is increasingly becoming the modern way of multilingual communication.


When Should You Use MTPE?

It depends!


To use MTPE or not to use it is a question of why you want to use it ─ and what for! It’s an issue of feasibility and intended use.


To achieve the best result out of machine translation post editing, the whole process should start with proper consultation between the client and the machine translation experts at the language service provider LSP.


At AfroLingo, we always analyze such factors as our client’s specific requirements, their resources, their expectations, and, most importantly, their business objectives.


With this in mind, it’s time to talk about how we, as a professional MTPE provider, can help.


How can AfroLingo Help?

At AfroLingo, our approach is simple: We help our corporate clients to save cost, get the speed they want ─ without compromising on quality. But how?


First, we leverage our state-of-the-art TECHNOLOGY. Our Machine Translation engines are integrated into our Translation (CAT) Tools, which are, in turn, totally optimized for the MTPE process.


Further, our machine translation engine is seamlessly connected with our Translation Management System TMS and our Translation Memory TM in a way that guarantees an efficient workflow within our team.


As for the TEAM, we always excel in optimizing the human part of MTPE. We are proud of our tech-savvy MTPE whizzes who do it right from the very outset and who perform according to our high standards.


Finally, we take pride in putting in place the strictest quality assurance system across the entire translation industry ─ both at the human part and the machine part of the process.  


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