Technology Makes Waves in Medical Interpretation Sphere!

technology makes waves in medical interpretation sphere

The healthcare industry has no room for error, and the establishment of an explicit and precise communication in this field is not an option. The need for professional and flawless medical interpreting services are always imperative, thanks to their pivotal role in bridging communication gaps, preventing misinterpretations, and enhancing the efficiency and quickness of treatment and recovery.

Professional language service providers are constantly developing their capabilities to raise the standards of their medical language offerings, topped by the interpreting services. Most recently, the integration of tech-based solutions in the medical interpretation services has marked significant progress. Technology seems to have a lot to offer at the node where both the medical sector and language industry meet, especially in countries with intensive language diversity or many immigrants and foreign residents.

Of all medical language and translation services, this piece is dedicated to the impact of new technologies on the interpretation services, one of the most beneficial and communication facilitators in the healthcare sphere. As shown below, the fact that all verbal communications in the medical field should be handled instantly and accurately drives medical interpreting services to take the maximum benefit of new tech discoveries.

How Would Technology Ease Medical Interpreting Services?

When communication is a matter of life or death, interpretation services rise above their commercial purposes, and technology steps in to make it all easier. The following are some applications of technology in the medical interpretation services.

  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Proven as an effective and accurate way of multilingual communication, particularly in the medical sector, video remote interpretation (VRI) services are noticeably on the rise. The relatively new service witnessed a growing demand over the past couple of years with many hospitals and medical entities adopting telemedicine technologies.

At a press of a button, VRI instantly puts you in an audiovisual contact with a highly qualified interpreter with extensive experience in the medical interpretation. The video conference solution tackled challenges like the inconstant availability of interpreters and the inability of deaf and hearing-impaired patients to communicate over the phone. Despite working remotely, VRI interpreters provide the same face-to-face interpreting experience at a much lower cost.


  • Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

A less-costly way of interpretation services is the telephonic or over-the-phone interpretation (OPI). OPI needs no set-up devices or pre-scheduling; all you need to do is call your service provider and request your OPI service. A highly trained interpreter will get in touch in a matter of seconds and get all your communication problems fixed.

The accessibility and availability are guaranteed at the phone interpretation services, and professional language service providers know how crucial medical interpretation is, and have a competent team of trained interpreters. 


  • Simultaneous Interpretation Technology

Unlike other interpretation forms, simultaneous interpretation (SI) technology refers to the provision of a real-time interpretation by a professional interpreter, using a voice or video call. This type of interpretation technology is frequently used in events and conferences to replace traditional verbal translation services.

In simultaneous interpretation, a highly skilled interpreter maintains the flow of the talk by providing instantaneous speech-to-speech translation, while receivers put their headsets on to listen to the translation. This definitely cuts time and effort and ensures high-quality and cost-efficient interpretation.


A question will be raised now…

How to Choose the Best Medical Interpreting Service Provider?

When it comes to medical interpretation services, factors like privacy, accuracy, as well as instant and constant availability of proficient interpreters matter. This underlines the importance of picking a professional and reputable language service provider (LSP) that lives up to the world’s highest standards and specs. 

Whether you are a large hospital, a small clinic, or any other form of the medical institution, you should take into account the track record and certificates of your chosen interpretation partner, as well as the interpreters’ profiles and clients’ portfolio.

Professional and certified translation companies abide by the world’s highest medical translation standards and comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This guarantees the highest levels of quality, accuracy, and data security.

Academic studies showed that Africa has some of the highest rates of disease in the world, and translation companies have a crucial responsibility to fulfill. Promoting all the qualifications of a successful and reliable medical interpretation service provider, AfroLingo is glad to contribute to the speedy recovery of every patient in Africa. 

We provide proficient VRI and OPI services in most of the African language, and we have been trusted by several clients in the African lands. 

Partner with us now and get our world-class medical interpreting services.

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