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Make Me Comfortable Making Your Software Localized 2

Make Me Comfortable – Making Your Software Localized

The world runs on software. Everything from our telephones to our homes run on software. If your software is to be used by individuals or companies, you need to have if made local so that everyone who uses it feels right at home.

What is localization?

Localization is the concept of converting a piece of software from one language and region to another.

Wikipedia defines it this way, “In computing, internationalization and localization are means of adapting computer software to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of a target market (locale).”

his definition speaks to the importance of adapting your software to each new language. It’s more than just language though. There is also culture and tone. These might seem like minor shifts, they are important if you’re the person receiving the software.

One of the most obvious examples is the difference between American English and British English. If you tell an American to put the box in the lorrey they will stand and stare at you. In the US, they are known as trucks.

A machine translation might or might not spot these differences, but a native speaker will spot them a kilometer (or kilometre or mile) away.


Finding the right localization team

There are several steps to finding the right localization team:


  • Look for experience – Every day, a new company enters the field. They come in two types: The kind trying to make quick money and the kind that are made up of professionals. Look for the team that has experience, regardless of the age of the firm that they work for.
  • A technical team – You will want a company that has a technical team that can understand all of the ins and outs of your software. They need to be able to find everything, from the main page to the error pages to the smallest page in your help files.
  • Native translators – Native translators are the people who make sure that your software “goes native”. They can make sure that your software looks like it was written next door not on the other side of the country.

What to expect


The most important person for your needs is the project manager. This is a person who will assemble and guide the team that is localizing your software. They should speak both languages and understand the process. They don’t need to be programmers, but they should have a really clear sense of what your software does and what changes will need to be made.


The next thing you need is a plan. The company should provide you with a step-by-step plan. This will be the guide for what to expect.


Finally, expect to be a bit flexible. Nothing ever goes perfectly, so plan accordingly. Make sure, especially if your software is your ‘baby’ that you understand this simple idea. Otherwise, you might find the entire process far more stressful than you need it to be.

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Put the Words on the Page 2

Why a Transcription Service is Vital to Your Business

Put the Words on the Page – Why a Transcription Service is Vital to Your Business


According the Abrahamic faiths, there was a time when all humans spoke the same language. When everyone got together to build a tower that could reach Heaven, God got quite upset and made it so that we can’t easily speak to each other.

That’s what a transcription service can do; they can make it so that everyone who needs to hear a speech or video can read it at their leisure. And if they all speak different languages, the document can be provided in their native tongue.


What does a transcription service do?

You know that amazing speech that the CEO gave last month? Or that video that you need to include into a printed document? A transcription service can convert the spoken words into written words so that you can use them anywhere you want.


At some firms, and AfroLingo is one of them, not only can they transcribe the document, but they can also translate it. This makes it much easier for you to share the transcription across borders.


The international Factor

The world has gone international. Very few things stay inside of a single nation’s or a single languages borders. That means that everything you do will be seen and read by people from all over the world.

Let a transcriptionist convert your how-to video into text. This can them be translated so that you can reach even more people. Getting a transcription and a translation firm together makes this process even easier.


The uses and needs for transcription services

Here are just a few of the modern situations where you might want a transcription service:


  • User’s guide videos – Providing a written version of your helpful videos will make it easier for people to follow along and learn what you are hoping to teach.
  • Corporate training videos – Some folks don’t retain what they see as well as they retain what they read. Transcription is a perfect way to help this group to learn better.
  • Speeches and conferences – In all likelihood, you paid a great deal of money to your keynote speaker. They were great. Now is the time to make a permanent record of that speech by having it transcribed and distributing it to your staff and, as a bonus, to your clients.


A truly experienced transcription service can make your life much easier and help you make more money. They can also help to create even more loyal customers.

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Hiring a Technical Translator The Right Words in the Right Hands

Technical Translator-The Right Words in the Right Hands

Hiring a Technical Translator – The Right Words in the Right Hands

In many cases, people think of translators as someone who can simply translate any words, from one language to another. In some cases, this is true. When translating a short story or a personal letter, a generalist translator can be perfectly fine for the project. If, however, a document is highly technical, it can require a subject matter expert to ensure that every word is correctly translated and understood.

Technical and Consumer Electronics Translation

Nearly all of us have purchased an electronic device that was made in a foreign land. When we open the user’s manual, we found that the translation made no sense. Usually, the manual or guide will sound like it has been simply transliterated and many of the words don’t make sense together or the sentence structure is incorrect.

The way to avoid this is hire a translation company that uses in-country linguists who are subject matter experts and able to understand the proper phrases and lingo when translating the documents that accompany a consumer electronic device or a technical document.

Financial, legal, and corporate

There are only a few industries where a mistranslated word can cost million of dollars. In financial, legal, and corporate documents, a single phrase can cost millions. Even worse, a mistranslated phrase or concept might lead to years of very expensive legal conflicts as the parties try to figure out what happened and how to make it right.

The best way to avoid this situation is have an in-country translator who is a native speaker, as well as trained in the specific subject involved. These experts are able to understand the jargon of the financial and legal industries, as well as translate corporate documents to make sure every subtlety is explained properly.

Medical translation

Above all of these industries is the medical industry. A mistranslation in this field can lead to injury or death. Imagine that someone mistranslated and simply transposes right with left. Someone might end up losing the wrong leg or hand.

This is easily the most important place for a translation firm that offers several safety valves:


  • A project manager who is a subject matter specialist
  • Translators who are in-country and experienced in the subject matter, including medical
  • Machine translation that acts as a reference and starting point for translations
  • A multi-step verification system that assures proper translation

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at AfroLingo. Even if you don’t choose us, we are happy to advise and guide you to make sure that you get the technical translation services.

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