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The Land of Many Tongues Finding the Right Translator

The Land Of Many Tongues – Finding The Right Translator

Here is a short, concise, step-by-step guide to finding a translator to meet your needs.   1- Clearly define what you need translated. The skills needed to translate a document are very different from the ones that are needed to live trans...

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The challenge of promoting your business in Africa 1 2 min

The Challenge Of Promoting Your Business In Africa

How the African Markets have grown The African market is one which many companies deem too risky to invest into, but ever since the world cup took place with South Africa in 2010, economic growth has slowly been on the rise, and in fact in 2009 th...

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Five Barriers When Translating African Languages 2 1 min

Five Barriers When Translating African Languages

Over 2,000 languages are spoken in Africa and the average African is most likely to be multilingual. The eight major languages spoken by Africans who represent roughly 10% of the world population include Arabic, Amharic, Swahili, Igbo, Hausa, Berber,...

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The important role of translation agencies when it comes to african languages 4 min

The Role Of Translation Agencies For African Languages

Africa has been dubbed the next frontier for global capitalism by many industry analysts and for good reason. The upward trajectory for Africa has already started.  The average growth of African countries currently stands at 6% as other countries acr...

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Tips For Novice Amharic Translators min

Tips For Novice Amharic Translators

Reading is without a doubt the one sure way of keeping your brain active when learning a language. It is no surprise that the most adept experts of Amharic translation often read both Amharic and the target languages very often.   Amharic Tr...

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A Peek at Zulu to English Translation min

A Peek at Zulu-to-English Translation

Seeking professional Zulu-to-English translation is your best bet for quality when translating this beautiful language”   The Bantu migration is among the most magnanimous expansion of a community in the history of the world. The Bantu spe...

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The Current State of Afrikaans and its Translation min

The Current State of Afrikaans and its Translation

The theory of evolution asserts that language developed when early hominids started living in groups. Millions of years later, various types of languages have sprung up while others have withered away against harsh conditions. Languages are spoken am...

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Languages In Africa min

Languages In Africa

There are over 3000 languages spoken natively in Africa. In several major language families: Afro-asiatic spread throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and parts of the Sahel Nilo-Saharan is centered on Sudan and Chad (...

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